not a terrible day. (at Leo Carrillo State Beach)



Last year we sorted through hours of video footage and photographs from when we first recorded and released our debut album, I Am The Movie. We realized we had such great footage from those days that we thought it would be cool to put together a documentary…


gas is too expensive, running and riding too and from work is the way to go. #thanksobama

"he said son, you’re lookin at one."

fun show. I’m old. time for bed. (at Ché Café Collective)

40+ miles I’m the saddle today. a lovely double IPA from @ripcurrentbrewing is my reward. #beer #bikes #fixed #ipa (at Rip Current Brewing)

nice job @tacobell this is the way breakfast should be done. #tacobell #waffletaco

saying hi to the neighbors kid. #kidsrule

happy national beer day! #beer (at Pizza Port Bressi Ranch)

sunset exploration with the girls. #kidsrule (at Lakehouse Hotel & Resort)

evening stroll

#kidsrule (at Simmons Family Park)